Victoria Solkovits

External Vice President

Our government is at a crossroads of indifference and uncertainty. We can stand by to wait for change, or we can unite and fight to be that change.

I have always been a fighter. Whether combating tuition hikes, pressing for an inclusive Neighborhood Council, or working to save the Middle Class Scholarship, advocacy is at the core of everything I do because I know that it works.

Many students want to fight for that change, yet often lack the resources to do so. The desire to increase access to this power and inspire others to take a stand is what drives me to be your next External Vice President. I will use my lobbying and professional experience at every level of government to empower students to advocate for themselves, fighting the fight with them each and every step of the way.

Organized, we are a force for change.

United, we will;

  • Increase access to civic participation for future elections on national and local levels

  • Make existing advocacy resources more accessible to campus' often overlooked communities by creating a streamlined process in which the EVP office assists every step of the way including reorganized outreach, training, and funding applications

  • Revitalize and democratize the EVP Lobby Corp  to advocate for system-wide campaigns to ensure UC affordability, secure DACA, fight for campus safety reform, and institutionalize policy reform against sexual harassment and sexual violence.

My name is Victoria Solkovits, I am your next External Vice President, and our fight is just getting started.