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Our 2018 Party Platforms

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    + bring the evals to bruinwalk

    Increase professor accountability by creating an option on the Office of Instructional Development Course Evaluations to sync directly to

    - Brock Bauer (Academic Affairs Commissioner)

    + bruins breaking bread

    Set up weekly professor-student dinners and programming between faculty and students to bring the UCLA community closer in an informal setting.

    - Brock Bauer (Academic Affairs Commissioner)

    + transfer into appointments

    Work with the Transfer Leadership Coalition to reduce appointed leadership positions from two year to one year terms so transfer students can amplify their voices and concerns at the council table. 

    Jessica Kim (Transfer Student Representative)

    + connecting communities

    Work in tandem with the Transfer Student Center to create more information sessions and community-building events to allow transfers to have more opportunities to connect with the rest of the student body.

    Jessica Kim (Transfer Student Representative)


    + disclose my costs

    Advocate for professors to disclose and justify course costs during enrollment, creating transparency and pressure to lower textbook/materials costs.

    - Bella Martin (General Representative)

    + accessible uc

    Lobby the state and federal governments for long-term solutions which simplify and expand financial aid options available to students, such as summer Cal Grants and increased subsidized loan caps.

    - Lior Behdadnia (Financial Supports Commissioner)

    + you're not a loan

    Organization of regular introductory-level events teaching personal finance and life management skills.

    - Lior Behdadnia (Financial Supports Commissioner)


    + first fridays in westwood

    Host quarterly block parties in Westwood with food trucks and live music to foster a fun and vibrant college town.

    - Naomi Kisel (General Representative)


    + Time's up

    Reform and expand sexual violence prevention trainings for incoming, new, and returning students centered around collaborative upstander intervention protocol and Title IX proceedings.

    - Claire Fieldman (President)

    Advocate for funding to provide rape kits and STI treatment for survivors of sexual assault on campus and expand safety resources in Westwood bars.

    - Izzy Gardner (Internal Vice President)

    Amplify and support the work of student initiatives against sexual harassment and sexual violence by advocating for a state law mandating biannual Title IX training for students at public universities.

    - Victoria Solkovits (External Vice President)

    + our safety

    Increase transparency of emergency decision-making and notification procedures, enhance emergency preparedness trainings, and institutionalize an inclusive, student-run safety advisory committee.

    - Claire Fieldman (President)

    + scooters and commuters

    Promote sustainability and safety on campus by advocating for a bike lane all around the campus loop to prevent students from getting unnecessary citations and decrease injuries from vehicles like Bird and Lime Scooter.

    - Bella Martin (General Representative)


    + #Wewillrun

    Foster civic participation for all future elections by increasing get out the vote efforts on campus and creating programming to encourage students to engage in local politics.

    Victoria Solkovits (External Vice President)

    + campus capitol connection

    Make existing resources more accessible to students by creating a streamlined process in which the EVP office assists every step of the way including outreach, training, and transparent funding applications.

    Victoria Solkovits (External Vice President)

    + bruin service announcements

    Increase student government involvement and engagement by creating short videos explaining the ins-and-outs of USAC as well as create a space for clubs and organizations to broadcast events and programming in multiple languages.

    - Bella Martin (General Representative)

    + your first-gen story

    Organize a UC-wide summit for first generation students to provide resources to network and navigate student life on campus.

    - Naomi Kisel (General Representative)


    + lean in

    Build a women’s leadership development and mentorship network of students, faculty, and alumni to empower femme-identifying leaders to succeed on campus and in their careers.

    - Claire Fieldman (President)

    + #MYbodymyrules

    Co-program with other campus entities to research and advocate for stronger reproductive healthcare resources for students and more free menstrual products on campus.

    Aneri Suthar (Facilities Commissioner)


    + your home, your rights

    Lead an informational campaign and facilitate workshops to ensure students know their rights as tenants.

    - Naomi Kisel (General Representative)

    + home sweet home

    Creating and implementing apartment hunting curriculum with Student Legal Services to prevent housing fraud through Hill workshops, apartment and landlord reviews on BruinWalk website, and development of centralized forum for summer subletting.

    Aneri Suthar (Facilities Commissioner)

    + suite dreams

    Advocate to allocate university apartment space for transfers to expand on available housing options and to create a space where transfers can live off-campus without sacrificing networking opportunities within the transfer community.

    Jessica Kim (Transfer Student Representative)


    + look before you book

    Work with ASUCLA to streamline room reservation process for student organizations and create a public calendar to highlight the work of our student groups.

    - Izzy Gardner (Internal Vice President)

    + no lines, good times

    Eliminate the line for home basketball games by working with The Den and UCLA Athletics to create an online ticket reservation process as well as scholarship opportunities for recreational sports and Den Passes.

    - Izzy Gardner (Internal Vice President)

    + paths to success

    Collaborate with the Career Center to create a Resource Guide that provides students with advice on not only where to begin their professional development at UCLA, but how they can use this resource to achieve their career goals upon graduation.

    - Brock Bauer (Academic Affairs Commissioner)

    + Making spaces

    Advocating for appropriate meeting/practice space reform for student organizations in need of specialized spaces; assessing current and creating more lactation spaces, sensory retreat rooms, and bathrooms.

    Aneri Suthar (Facilities Commissioner)

    + park at ucla

    Partner with UCLA Transportation office to develop alternative parking solutions that make parking more affordable and accessible to students e.g. payment plans for specific days and times.

    - Lior Behdadnia (Financial Supports Commissioner)