Naomi Kisel

General Representative

We show each other who we are through the stories we tell.

Since freshman year, I’ve listened to Bruins’ stories. From my desk at Student Legal Services, I heard my peers describe their concerns about unaffordable rent increases and landlords taking advantage of students. These stories inspired me to become Director of Housing and Employment Education in the USAC Office of the President, where I organized workshops that empowered students to understand their rights as tenants.   

During my sophomore year, I realized that Westwood needed to better serve students. With that in mind, I applied and was appointed to the board of the Westwood Neighborhood Council, where I amplify student voices at every meeting. With each vote I cast, I have Bruins in mind – our needs, concerns, and opinions. My vision is to make Westwood a more vibrant college town, and I will work to ensure it becomes our reality.

I have listened to students tell their stories, and now it is time to tell you mine. UCLA can feel large and intimidating to many of us. As a first generation student, I have certainly felt that coming to UCLA. This is why I am running to be your next General Representative: I want to work to make our campus your home.

Your story, your home, and your city matter to me. Allow me to be part of your story as your next General Representative. My name is Naomi Kisel, and I am your next General Representative.