Lior Behdadnia

financial supports commissioner

My name is Lior Behdadnia and I am a transfer, commuter student. I had to choose to start at community college because I could not afford the cost of four years at UCLA. And in an effort to save money, I had to choose the more distant, laborious, and affordable option of commuting to campus every day. And even then, it still seems impossible for myself and other students to win the parking lottery.

In my current position as a Student Advocate in the Financial Supports Commission, I have advocated for a more affordable and accessible UC by bringing scholarships to commuters and expanding the FSC Loaner Library.

As the only candidate currently serving in the Financial Supports Commission, I am the most prepared and knowledgeable about the office and know what it takes to lead these initiatives.

Leaders do not lead with words, they lead with action.

It's time to bring financial literacy to this campus so that we as students have the knowledge and ability to plan our financial futures. I will bring countless opportunities for Bruins to get the upper hand on their finances.

It's time to create solutions to address the financial issues we all face.

My name is Lior Behdadnia, I am you next Financial Supports Commissioner, and we are bruins united for affordability.