Claire Fieldman


My dad always tells me: be at cause, not at effect.

In our national and campus climate, it is easy to fall into cynicism and even apathy - to remain at effect.

But I have never been one to take the easy route.

I have chosen active involvement over disengagement in my years at UCLA: as a representative on the CAPS Student Advisory Board, a leader in the Jewish community, an activist within the Pediatric AIDS Coalition, and the Chief of the Staff in the USAC Office of the President.

I am running to be your next USAC President because I do not see apathy as an option.

Student government can and must play an active role in shaping the student experience, and next year, under my leadership, we will do just that:

We will confront the culture of sexual violence in all its nuances and manifestations.

We will claim our rightful place in decision-making, notification, and preparedness procedures that directly concern our safety on campus.

We will invest in leadership development and mentorship that empowers students to succeed on campus and in their careers.

I believe in a student government that can and will actively shape long-lasting institutional change, catalyze student achievement, and overcome apathy and divisiveness.

My name is Claire Fieldman, I am your next USAC President, and I pledge to be the cause in making this vision of student government a reality.