Brock Bauer

Academic affairs commissioner

I can’t promise to have all the answers when it comes to helping students because each student experiences UCLA in a unique way.  What I can say is that I stand ready to ask the right questions in order to empathize with and amplify student voices on campus.

At this year’s council table, far too many student voices have been silenced by the divisive shouts of our elected leaders.  If we want to implement real change, we must elect those who are not the loudest, but who are most willing to empower students to create their own pathways to academic success.

As director of the Bruins Breaking Bread initiative in the USAC Office of the President, I’m passionate about facilitating spaces which empower students to share their stories with professors, and not the other way around.

As a member of the Western Association Schools and Colleges Accreditation Steering Committee, I’m working to ensure that administrators hear the sentiments of students from all parts of campus. Our school will only better serve us as students if we are involved in planning its future.

I’m committed to amplifying your voices as students by…

  • Syncing Instructor Evaluations to Bruin Walk, so you have a voice in your education

  • Organizing Faculty-Student dinners and networking, so you have a voice to make your professors work for you

  • Developing a centralized Career Resource Guide, so you have a voice in our future professional success

My name is Brock Bauer, I am your next Academic Affairs Commissioner; together, let’s be heard.