Apply to Run with Us in 2018

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we're looking for the best of ucla

Our 2018 candidate selection process is live now -- and it's more clear, transparent, and accessible than ever before. We're on a search for the most dedicated, passionate student leaders who will be able to serve our student body well. 

Applicants will have the opportunity to participate in our one-of-a-kind, immersive 4 week leadership development program, featuring the following sessions:

1: (Y)our Campus: “Know History, Know Self”: We’ll dive into UCLA history to learn about how our university functions, how students have played a role in our school’s governance, and where USAC and Bruins United fits into it all.  

2: (Y)our Community: “It Takes A Village”: We'll explore ways to expand your network on campus and build lasting relationships with other students, student leaders and student communities. 

3: (Y)our Story: “Your Policy Only Goes as Far as Your Story”: Through exercises of personal narrative, we’ll practice public speaking, writing and media story-telling to enable you to best tell your story to affect change.

4: (Y)our Campaign: “How to Frame It, Form It, and Run It": We’ll learn how a campaign team is structured, how to pick the right people for the job, and how to keep your team motivated and engaged.

Applications to participate in our 2018 leadership development process are now closed. Please stay tuned for future opportunities to get involved!