Aneri Suthar

Facilities Commissioner

“We belong to the earth; the earth does not belong to us.” This proverb has driven my journey in sustainability activism for as long as I can remember, from high school environmental research to serving in the Renewable Energy Association. The summer before I even began my freshman year here, I reached out to then-incoming Facilities Commissioner Sandra Rhee about how I could help on UCSA’s Sustain Our Students campaign.

However, a thriving ecosystem is more than what relates to just our physical environment. It is a complex network of tens of thousands of organisms interacting. It is, in other words, UCLA. While sustainability was the venue through which I happened to be introduced to USAC, I have since then advocated for a multitude of causes to support this complex network of interconnected Bruins, from sexual violence prevention to birth control access to textbook affordability.

My love for this office and its work is as old and deeply rooted as my love for this school. The diverse nature of the Facilities Commission’s responsibilities allows for a focus on often overlooked campus details with regards to accessibility and safety. My diverse experiences as a student leader within and outside of this specific office will allow me to successfully continue fighting next year - for housing security, for more reproductive health resources, and for more equitable campus space reform.

My name is Aneri Suthar, I am your next Facilities Commissioner, and I’m ready to connect the dots to create a stronger campus.