Our Call to Action

In 2004, a coalition of student groups came together based on the shared belief that student government should not be the luxury of an elite few, but the right of all who seek to serve. Bruins United advocated for equal access to funding, enhanced student spaces, and Bruin spirit. Their alliance was organized in recognition of the need for diverse representation to combat a system deadlocked by politicking and extreme slatist partisanship. These students, despite their varied interests, backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences recognized that they were stronger together than they were apart. And they were.

In 12 years, Bruins United continued to fulfill its mission to empower, amplify and unite the Bruin community, working to strengthen academic excellence, campus climate and safety, affordability, sustainability, USAC transparency, and Bruin spirit on campus. 

But it is not enough to rely on the successes of the past. We recognize that in order to continue to have the privilege of serving the UCLA community, we must remain relevant and responsive to the needs of a changing UCLA community.

To remain responsive and relevant, the movement must be willing to reflect and evolve. We cannot passively rely on the relationships of the past, we must forge ahead to unite in the future.

Bruins United is our call to action.

We, the next generation of students who are committed to student leadership, student representation and student service, seek to create the next coalition of leaders -- with diverse interests, backgrounds, beliefs and experiences -- who are as committed to building community as they are to institutionalizing tangible change.

Bruins United is a coalition of campus leaders who are committed to bettering the student experience, for all.

Bruins United is our call to action for all who believe in the prioritization of student needs. Bruins United seeks to create spaces for inclusive dialogue, holding space for multiple perspectives, positionalities and orientations.

Bruins United believes in the power of collective student voice, working to build coalitions of students to amplify and uplift each other.

Bruins United works to model intentional, cooperative, moral leadership by working with the administration, campus partners, community partners, and opposing student movements. Bruins United is committed to open recruitment; no student will be prioritized or penalized on the basis of their affiliations or lack thereof.

Bruins United recognizes that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to campus leadership -- nor should there ever be.

Bruins United manifests unity, not uniformity; the strength of our movement is that it is singular neither in voice nor in message.

Now more than ever, our campus, our country and our world need leaders who are willing to come together, not because we are the same, but because we are different. We need leaders who are committed to progressing forward, not by drawing lines and hiding behind them, but by recognizing the walls that exist and tearing them down. We need leaders who have the courage to stand up and speak, as well as the discipline to sit down and listen. We need leaders who will prioritize what is morally right over what is politically expedient.

We need leaders who believe that student government is not just the luxury of an elite few, but the responsibility and opportunity of all who seek to serve our community.

Bruins Serve.

Bruins Lead.

Bruins Advocate.

Bruins Engage.

Bruins Represent.

Together, Bruins Unite. 

We hope you'll join us.