Bruins United 2016


About Us

Bruins United formed in 2004 when only 50 student groups could apply for funding from USAC.   Religious, pre-professional, and Greek groups could not apply for funding.  Bruin Democrats and Bruin Republicans wanted to file a petition/lawsuit against the University. Bruins United advocated for and successfully achieved passage of equal funding for all student groups. The belief in equal opportunity for all students was and will always be at the heart of Bruins United.  This election season Bruins United is standing up for all students in support of fiscal responsibility, leadership, and equal access.  With a collective 18 years of USAC experience, Bruins United is the most qualified slate to make these goals a reality.

Be you! Bruins United believes that the strength of our student body lies in the diversity of our identities, backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. We seek to not only celebrate that diversity, but also strengthen it by representing all students equally and providing fair and open access to resources and opportunities that will ultimately allow you to…well, be you!

Bruins United believes that the Undergraduate Students Association was created to act as the voice for the students of the university by establishing consistent contact with administration about the issues that students care about. Our goal is to use student government as a tool to involve each and every student in the operation and guidance of UCLA. As your advocate in getting the university to work for you (and not the other way around), we negotiate with the administration to update policy and implement new ideas in order to reflect the needs of an ever-changing student body. We work to serve all students. Your agenda is our agenda.

This is your campus. This is your community. We all must work together to make this campus a better place. We are all Bruins United.





Danny Siegel


Hello Bruins! I’m Danny Siegel, your next Bruins United USAC President. As your current Gen Rep One, I revitalized school spirit, provided an outlet for healthy political discourse, and encouraged student entrepreneurship - but my work does not stop here.

Rafi Sands

external Vice President

Hi Bruins! My name is Rafi Sands and I am your Bruins United Candidate for External Vice President!

With my experiences writing policy on behalf of 240,000 students in the Office of the UC Student Regent, and navigating the complex bureaucracy of the UC as a reporter for the Daily Bruin, I understand how our system works and have already affected lasting change.


Brian Kohaya

cultural affairs commissioner

Hello Bruins! My name is Brian Kohaya and I am running to be your next Cultural Affairs Commissioner with Bruins United!

In my time at UCLA, I’ve been involved in a diverse array of organizations such as the Asian Pacific Coalition, Pacific Ties Newsmagazine, the Cultural Affairs Commission (CAC), and many others which taught me the importance of community building. For this reason, I hope to utilize the position of Cultural Affairs Commissioner to build understanding between different communities and help improve the campus climate, while still maintaining the spirit of “edutainment”, education through entertainment.

Zoe Borden

General representative

Hi Bruins! My name is Zoe Borden and I’m running to be your next General Representative with Bruins United! As Director of Lobbying under the External Vice President, I personally fought for the Bruin student body in Sacramento and Washington D.C. My time in USAC has given me the connections to ensure that ALL Bruins have the opportunity to succeed, and the experience to ensure that ALL their voices are heard.  


Ru Majmudar

General Representative

My name is Ru Majmudar and I’m running to be your next General Representative with Bruins United to bring new energy, fresh ideas, and achievable solutions for UCLA!

Sujith Cherukumilli

General representative

Hi Bruins! I’m Sujith Cherukumilli, I’m running for General Representative with Bruins United, and I have a vision for UCLA: to enhance the college experience for Bruins. From my experience as an Orientation Advisor and a Dancer Captain for Dance Marathon, I realized how pivotal it is for students to be involved in fun and engaging ways. I am running because the UCLA I strive for is one where students embrace their Bruin pride, remain insightful, and constantly work to solve our University’s biggest challenges.


Sabrina Zeigler

internal vice president

Hello Bruins! For years, the Office of the Internal Vice President has been led by individuals who understand the importance of student groups and student safety in a way that translates into tangible change. I am humbled to have the opportunity to continue this legacy, while moving the office in a new direction with innovative and empowering platforms.

Ariel Rafalian

Financial supports commissioner

Hello fellow Bruins! Ariel Rafalian here, running to be YOUR next Financial Supports Commissioner!

This past year, I served as your Transfer Student Representative helping transfer students acclimate and succeed at UCLA. I implemented a mentorship program “Show Me the Ropes” that brought together over 300 students to help one another on campus. I also worked with administrators to make the Transfer Resource Center a reality. However, my work on council is not yet finished!


Ashly Mohankumar

academic affairs commissioner

Hello Bruins! My name is Ashly Mohankumar and I’m running with Bruins United to be your next Academic Affairs Commissioner! My love for UCLA is strong and helped me develop a diverse perspective which I will use in shaping this commission.

Divya Sharma

Transfer Student Representative

Greetings Bruins! My name is Divya Sharma and I am your Bruins United candidate for Transfer Student Representative!

My passion for the Transfer Community stems from the idea of making sure each transfer student at UCLA feels represented, comfortable, and posi-DIV! As a transfer student, sitting on the Transfer Coalition I personally understand the pressing issues facing the transfer community and have worked with administrators to help solve these problems. Being a part of the Transportation Service Advisory Board I have, and will, continue to advocate for Commuter Bruins! And, as a member of UCLA College Against Cancer, I have learned how important it is to support the people around me in order to create an environment of love and care.

Sandra Rhee



Hello Bruins! My name is Sandra Rhee and I am your Bruins United candidate for Facilities Commissioner!
I have been at the forefront of change for sustainability and improvement of facilities since my first year at UCLA. In this past year, I led the solar array expansion on Ackerman Union, served as the President of our campus’s first clean energy club, the Renewable Energy Association at UCLA, and helped institutionalize campus sustainability efforts as the Director of Green Week in this year’s Facilities Commission.